Our Story


Born online in 2018, NexGen was founded to provide a better tasting, healthier coffee without the traditional crash. On a trip to Latin America, the ancient “drink of the Gods” (cacao) was discovered by the founders. Loaded with beneficial properties, these drinks are often bitter. At NexGen, we wanted a way to get the benefits of cacao without giving up the taste of a morning cup of coffee.  After countless hours of experimenting in home kitchens, we finally discovered a way to infuse coffee with cacao. The process was then perfected by a fourth generation coffee roaster.  

NexGen organic coffee beans are ethically sourced directly from Colombia. The cacao comes from a small farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador owned and run by a husband and wife. Their farm has been in the family for over 3 generations.

The result?

We were able to turn a Superfood into a Superdrink and the next generation of coffee was born.

NexGen is headquartered in Miami, FL. All business inquiries should be directed to