What is the recommended way to brew NexGen Coffee?

The 90% Coffee/10% Cacao blend can be brewed using traditional methods. For our 50% coffee/50% cacao blend, we highly recommend using a French Press, as cacao brews slower than coffee.  If you do want to use a traditional coffee maker for the 50/50 blend, be sure to use a permanent gold tone filter and not a paper filter.  Using a paper filter for the 50/50 blend may cause the coffee pot to overflow.


Why is the difference between cocoa and cacao?

Cacao is the original state of the bean. It is then roasted at high temperatures and then becomes cocoa. This alters the proprieties of the bean and it loses some its nutritional value. Raw cacao is the bean in the purest, unaltered form. The way nature intended.


Why raw cacao?

Cacao based drinks in ancient times were known as the drink of the gods. The reason is that they provided a healthy, long lasting energy derived from theobromine. We infused our coffee with raw cacao to provide a more balanced, healthier energy.


Does this taste like hot chocolate?

Many commercial brands of hot chocolate you purchase in the grocery store are high in sugar and other additives. Raw cacao is similar in taste to cacao nibs or a higher percentage dark chocolate bar you would buy in a supermarket. Our 90/10 has a bold coffee taste with a slight cacao flavor on the back-end. Our 50/50 blend provides a unique flavor mixing coffee and dark chocolate flavor.


Why happens to the fat in the cacao?

Because you are brewing the cacao, the fat stays in the beans and only trace amounts are present int eh beverage.


Where is NexGen Coffee based?

We are based in Miami, FL. This allows us easy access to Latin America, which provides us with the freshest cacao and coffee beans possible.


How do you infused the coffee with cacao?

We spent countless hours experimenting to develop a proprietary method. The process was perfected by a 4th generation coffee roaster.


Where does the name NexGen Coffee come from?

NexGen is founded on the idea that coffee will never be the same. We created the next generation of coffee by infusing it with cacao. A superfood was turned into a super drink and NexGen was born.


Can I add milk and other sweaters to it?

Of course! We recommend first trying without any milk, cream or sweaters, then adding to match your desired taste.


Is this organic?

Yes. We use organic raw cacao and organic coffee beans to ensure the highest quality product.